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Grow Supervisor/Delshen Therapeutics/Kirkland Lake, On

Employment Options, KL

Temps plein • Kirkland Lake Région

Job Description
• Lead, coach and mentor direct reports
• Provide guidance and expertise on plant growth and best practices in the cloning, veg, flower and
• Manage production, process and distribution of cannabis under the Cannabis Act guidelines
• Determine materials, equipment, labour requirements and ensure availability to meet production
targets regarding all aspects of growing cannabis
• Ensure overall flow and scheduling of all cultivation rooms and optimal asset utilization.
Establish manpower requirements to meet schedules. Propose and lead corrective actions
should issues arise
• Update and manage inventory (with help and support when required) using internal tools and
• Communicate effectively and updates on grow conditions to Management Team and
collaborating on solutions for problems and changing priorities
• Ensure personnel development and performance management planning for all direct and
indirect reports, including ongoing proficiency training and smooth onboarding of new
• Review and approve daily/weekly hours of work
• Perform and manage all aspects of growing cannabis including selection and development of
new strains through phenotyping
• Manage clone creation, transplanting, and pest management
• Monitor and adjusting room conditions through Argus program
• Maintain exceptional attention to detail to achieve consistently high-test results of cannabis
• Develop and /or maintain growing protocols and nutrient regimes
• Ensure adequate sanitation of grow rooms and common areas, supplies, and uniforms
• Strong understanding and knowledge of the Cannabis Act
• 3+ years of supervisor experience
• A highly motivated, energetic and hands on leader with the ability to inspire and motive others
• Strong communication skills, both verbal and written
• Excellent organizational, technical problem solving, and interpersonal skills
Work Conditions
• Physical ability to lift up to 50 lbs
• Overtime as required
• Hazards associated with the trade
• Prolonged standing, walking, lifting, squatting and bending
• Work environment can be hot and humid, similar to a greenhouse environment

DelShen Therapeutics offers competitive salaries, benefits, and a mission-driven work environment!
Interested individuals fulfilling the above criteria should send their updated resumes to:
By August 28, 2019

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Employment Options, KL

Kirkland Lake Kirkland Lake, ON, Canada

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