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Employment and Training Coordinator

Employment Options, KL

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The Employment and Training Coordinator under the direction of the Director of Social Development will provide opportunities for the members to expand their knowledge, skills and ability around one field that is of interest to that individual. The Employment and Training Coordinator will be required to network with other business’ in surrounding communities and build a large database to maintain accurate records of those who are employed and who are searching for work. The key performance indicators will be based on the number of members that are be employed.  

Responsibilities (Include but not limited to):

  • Network with the members of Wahgoshig First Nation

  • Assess training needs for new and existing Community members

  • Organize, develop or source training programs to meet specific training needs

  • Conduct community information seminars and promotional activities

  • Match career opportunities to community members

  • Maintain a knowledge of complementary programs offered by other governments or agencies

  • Prepare the documentation required by the funding agencies

  • Maintaining the data entry requirements of the client files

  • Provides individual and/or group career services to the Community members of Wahgoshig First Nation

  • Provide training seminars in the community

Requirements (Include but not limited to):


Human Resources Department

Wahgoshig First Nation

310 Penatuche Road

Matheson, ON P0K1N0


Tel: (705) 273-2055

Fax: (705) 273-2900


Employment Options, KL

Téléphone: (705) 273-2055
Télécopieur: (705) 273-2900
Wahgoshig First Nation 310 Penatuche Rd, Matheson, ON P0K 1N0, Canada

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